Dave King



Board of Governors

Chief Vision Officer/ SOWAL HousePresident/ SOWAL Foundation

Dave King, a visionary entrepreneur, embarked on a unique journey that seamlessly  blended his passion for art and technology. While pursuing a Computer Science degree,  he defied convention by painting his way through academia. Following his graduation,  Dave ventured into the financial world, joining a prominent multi-billion-dollar hedge  fund in 2002, where he implemented Creative Problem Solving (CPS) strategies to make a remarkable impact as Director of Technology.

However, after retiring in 2018, Dave discovered that a life of leisure didn't align with his  driven nature. A profound near-death experience profoundly impacted him, prompting  a transformative realization. Motivated by this newfound clarity, he embarked on a  mission to build a business that would infuse his life with genuine purpose.

In 2022, Dave King's vision materialized as SOWAL House, a private social club,  production company and art house. Fusing his technological expertise and love for  various art forms, SOWAL House stands as a testament to his dedication. Each corner of  this captivating space showcases unique works of art, embodying the essence and  vibrancy that define SOWAL House and its mission—to be a beacon of cultural  significance.

In 2023, Dave King co-founded SOWAL Foundation, a charitable non-profit organization  supporting a diverse spectrum of artistic disciplines, including visual arts, performing  arts, fashion design, and filmmaking. By offering financial assistance, grants, and  educational opportunities, SOWAL Foundation aims to strengthen Walton County's  artistic fabric, enhance cultural enrichment, and contribute to the economic growth of  our region.

Dave King's journey is one of innovation, resilience, and a deep-rooted understanding of  the transformative power of art. His unwavering dedication to the intersection of  technology and creativity has brought forth these extraordinary ventures that enrich the  cultural fabric of South Walton and beyond.