Aldo Rossi



Seaside Prize Winner 2000

Aldo Rossi (born May 3, 1931, Milan, Italy–died September 4, 1997, Milan, Italy) was an Italian designer and architect who achieved international recognition as a theorist, author, artist, teacher, designer, and architect. Rossi was the first Italian architect to receive the Pritzker Prize for architecture in 1990.

The Seaside Institute awarded its annual Seaside Prize posthumously to the Italian architect Aldo Rossi who died in 1997. In his practice as an architectural theoretician and teacher, Rossi used the city as his central theme. His best known works include The San Cataldo Cemetery in Modena, Italy, and the floating theater he designed for the Venice Biennale in 1979. Rossi designed only two residential buildings in the United States, one of which is in Seaside.