2020 Transportation Mobility Report


The Future of Mobility


Reimagining Walton County's Route 30A

Building on this blueprint, the Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) has committed to assisting communities implement new transportation technologies that will support thriving urbanist communities decades from now. CNU has leveraged its national membership (composed of architects, urban designers, transportation planners, local government officials, and community activists) to identify the design and policy solutions for real-world cities and towns that make this vision a reality. 

This report is an initial effort in this endeavor, with a focus on Route 30A and South Walton County, Florida. County planners are currently preparing their 2040 Mobility Plan, which anticipates future travel demand by transitioning from a transportation system focused primarily on moving cars to a multimodal system that provides safe mobility and accessibility for people of all ages and all abilities. At the same time, the plan seeks to integrate new mobility technologies into its future multimodal system, such as an autonomous transit shuttle and shared multimodal mobility programs.