30A Alliance Advisory Board


Welcome newly formed 30A Alliance Advisory Board


Founding Board Members

  • David Everett (Alys Beach)
  • Christopher Chadwick (Draper Lake)
  • Billy Buzzette (Grayton Beach)
  • Dr. Mary Zahner (Rosemary Beach)
  • Mark Wey (Seaside)
  • Randy Carroll (Watercolor)
  • John Lebowitz (Watersound)
  • Cindy Stenberg (The Association, a property management firm representing 14 communities)
  • Moe Stouse (Coastal Seniors of South Walton)
  • Daniel Alstenzer (Florida State Parks)

The 30A Alliance Advisory Board is an apolitical group of local emissaries who will assist in an advisory capacity to the Seaside Institute Board of Governors. Their collective voices will provide input to our programming and events, assistance with developing solutions to issues that affect our communities along the 30A corridor. Their perspectives will assist in creating solutions that will work in tandem with our environment. The inaugural meeting of the Advisory Board will take place January 18, 2019 at the Rosemary Beach Owner’s Club.

Each 30A Advisory Board Member brings a special skill set and perspective to the mission of the Institute. We are grateful for their commitment and welcome them as vital additions to our team.

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