Mikael Colville-Anderson

mikael coville-anderson

Mikael Colville-Andersen

Mikael Colville-Andersen is a Danish-Canadian filmmaker, photographer, urban designer and urban mobility expert with Copenhagenize Consulting. Mikael works with cities around the world, and features prominently as a keynote speaker about bicycle culture, urbanism and livable cities.

Using design - a human-to-human process - to make better the urban landscape will get more results quicker and teaming design up with anthropology, sociology and transport psychology first will ensure effective urban transformation.

Life Sized Cities  

We are thinking differently about cities for the first time in a century. All around the world there is an exciting energy about urbanism and cities are moving fast to adapt to both new and timeless ideas. Citizens have regained their voice and are leading the way towards urban change on their street, in their neighborhood and in their cities. The Age of Urbanism is beneficial to many of the issues we face - deteriorating public health, pollution and climate change - but we need to wrap our heads around how to make urban change effective and efficient. How do we lead when citizens are the new leaders? What policies and approaches are the low-hanging fruit? Mikael has worked in over 100 cities around the world as an urban designer and has curated amazing projects for his TV series The Life-Sized City. He will present his take on the necessary elements that cities —arge and small—need to equip themselves for inevitable urban change.