Daryl Davis



Secretary / Board of Governors
Seaside Prize Winner 2001

Daryl Rose Davis is the co-founder of the community of Seaside, Florida. Founded in 1981, this small coastal town was described by Time magazine as “the most astonishing design achievement of its era and, one might hope, the most influential.” As the birthplace of a movement in land planning known as New Urbanism, Seaside’s influence has spread widely and is helping to revolutionize town planning in America. Seaside has won numerous awards for its architecture and town planning and has been the subject of three books and countless articles.

Davis graduated with a master’s degree in community counseling from the University of Miami. She also founded Seaside’s downtown retail development, a thriving enclave of unique shops, boutiques and eateries. Owner of Seaside Associated Stores, she owns five successful downtown retail businesses, employing more than 50 employees.

The Seaside Institute and Downtown Seaside Association are two key nonprofit organizations co-founded by Davis. Providing a primary basis for the town’s civic infrastructure, The Seaside Institute is dedicated to the restoration of civic life and the Downtown Seaside Association nurtures incubator businesses within the town.

Davis serves on the board of directors of The Seaside Institute, Seaside Community Foundation and the Community Performing Arts Center. She is also affiliated with The Seaside Pienza Institute.

In addition to residences in Seaside, Davis lives in San Francisco with her husband, Robert.