Michael N. Lykoudis, FAIA


2020 Seaside Prize Winner


Michael N. Lykoudis, FAIA

The Seaside Institute is pleased to announce Michael N. Lykoudis, FAIA, Francis and Kathleen Rooney Dean of the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture as our 2020 Seaside Prize winner.

The Seaside Institute awards the Seaside Prize to individuals, organizations, or communities who have had a major influence on how towns and cities can best be built and re-built to reflect and promote new urban principals including walk-ability, diversity, beauty, and sustainability.

Seaside Prize winners are leaders in urban design, planning, architecture, development, and education.

Michael Lykoudis, FAIA has been chosen for many reasons, one of which is his work as an educational leader who links the traditions of architecture and classicism to urbanism and environmental issues.

“Since its founding, I have looked to Seaside as a beacon of knowledge and inspiration. In an era when resilience, beauty and good stewardship are more important than ever, it is a special honor to be recognized by the Seaside Institute, a symbol of all three. But Seaside is not only a symbol, it is also a home town. Not merely a home for good ideas, for a philosophy and an intellectual movement, but a home for its residents and visitors. I look forward to coming home for this year's prize.” —Michael N Lykoudis, FAIA

The 28th Annual Seaside Prize Weekend March 6-8, highlighting 2020’s award recipient and the significant contributions he has made to enhance the architectural community, while advancing the tenants of New Urbanism. Along with the main award ceremony and dinner on Saturday evening, the Seaside Institute will host a series of events throughout the weekend for members and ticket holders to attend.