A Walk Back Through Time


A Walk Back Through Time

Written by Stephen Poulakos, director of town planning and landscape designer for Seabrook, Washington on the occasion of the Seaside Prize 2019.


How Seaside Paved the Way for Seabrook, Washington

"Soon after, in 2004, I decided to take a huge leap of faith. Like Richard Gibb’s migration from Seaside to Rosemary Beach, I carried my own accumulated New Urbanism knowledge base west, to Washington State. It is here where I’ve worked the last 15 years with Seabrook’s Town Founders Laura and Casey Roloff and our Town Planner Laurence Qamar, a DPZ disciple and owner of Qamar Architecture + Town Planning in Portland, Oregon. Together, we’ve fashioned a Pacific Northwest inspired “new” coastal town known as Seabrook, Washington.

Our town boasts a commanding view of the Pacific Ocean and is located approximately two-and-a-half hours west of Seattle, and three hours north of Portland, Ore. Like so many of the places we’ve admired along the Florida Panhandle, our New Urbanism roots run deep. The Roloffs, having long admired Seaside and Rosemary Beach, were heavily influenced by the timeless designs coupled with the other quirky beach towns of the Oregon and Washington Coasts, all of which have served as precedents for Seabrook."

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