Going Emerald Green: Building Sustainable Businesses


GOING EMERALD GREEN: Building Sustainable Businesses


12-9 PM / SOWAL House
82 South Barrett Square
Rosemary Beach, FL

30A attracts people from all around the world to our white sands, clear water, and gulf coast landscape. With tremendous growth we have seen pressure put on our local environment with land development for homes and commerce, and increased traffic congestion and gridlock. Many local businesses have become champions of sustainability to protect and preserve one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Join the wave as The Seaside Institute invites you to watch an assembled panel discussion between some of the Emerald Coast’s most revered business men and women, as well as thought leaders from across Florida. Led by Mark McNees, Social Entrepreneur in Residence at Florida State University, the enlightening conversation unpacks some of the best Environmental Social Governance (ESG) practices and strategies for leveraging business as a force for good within our community.

Symposium Series sponsored by Visit South Walton

featuring ↓

Jeff Archer / Yolo Board

David Bailey / Amavida

Keyna Cory / Florida Recycling Partnership Foundation

Jennifer Moreau / FL For Good

Mike Ragsdale / 30a

David Rauschkolb / Bud and Alley’s and Black Bear Bread Co.

Jim Shirley / Jim Shirley Enterprises

Dr. Mark McNees [moderator] FSU Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship